Weekly Update: May 5th, 2013

Hello everyone!

We’re a couple of days into our 10th week of the School Of Apostolic Pioneering here at YWAM Idaho. This week’s topic is on strategic missions and understanding the world in which we live. We’ve heard a lot of stories about what God is doing in the world and it is all very exciting!

Last week we had Michael Brodeur, who works with the band Jesus Culture, author of the books Revival Culture and Destiny Finder, speaking on creating and maintaining a corporate culture within churches, organizations, and ministries. He also spoke quite a bit about the 5-fold gifts of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher (found in Ephesians 4:7-16).

Our family is navigating the school’s schedule pretty well. Our sixteen-month old son likes to get outside as much as possible (even if his skin will become sunburned), so my wife will take him out to play in the volley ball court’s sand or I will give him a ride on my shoulders along the river and through the pine trees. All of this is right next to our training center and it makes the situation very livable.

Thanks for keeping up with us through our updates and encouraging us through your prayers!

Other Announcements:

– Last Friday we’ve had our first bible study with a group of local high school students. We partnered with a friend who is going to the school and, in total, nine students came to our first night! This Friday will be our second of four Bible studies before we travel to Michigan to visit with our family there.

– Since we’ve arrived we have been trying to get more connected in the community and it is certainly working! My wife is involved in several ladies’ groups and just this week our family has been given a vehicle to use for getting around Idaho this summer. Not only that, but our friends are also lending us their gas-efficient car so that we can drive to Michigan too!


It’s been really nice to have the bible study going on at our house! Last week we read about Philip, mentioned in the book of acts (the same as I wrote about a couple of updates ago), and how his life was lived out to become a legacy.

This week we are going to read about Rahab, spoken of through the Bible in Joshua 2; Joshua 6; and Mathew 1:5 (called Rachab). It is a story of tragedy, though, in the midst of it, there is victory. It seems an appropriate thing to share. Much of our experiences in the world could be seen through the lenses of loss, failure, and strongly questioning God’s presence or activity. However, there are victories that we often miss when we look only through these subtle (perhaps bold) lenses.

The victory of the story is Rahab.

In the middle of a destroyed city, full of questions, filled with thoughts of failure, certain and unquestionable loss, you see two men racing in and saving out Rahab and her family alive.

This is a common theme throughout our history — though it becomes bleak, God is working to bring all things together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28). It will not work out good for everyone, but for those who love God, it will. That said, it will almost always be clouded by our limited ability to see given what lenses we see it through.

Praise God that He reveals Himself to us! So that we may see bits and pieces of Him and the good He wishes for us!

Praise Reports & Prayer Requests:

– Praise God that He has provide for us during a wave of needs this month!
– Praise God for the students He has given us for this school and their growth!
– Praise God that all of us are healthy and well!
– Please pray for our time in Michigan, that all would go well and our paths would be made clear!

In Christ,
The Abiding Kingdom


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